Support programme against gender violence

Colexio Oficial de Psicoloxía de Galicia / Rúa da Espiñeira, 10 / Tel.: 981 534 049
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Programme for specialised psychological assistance to help women who are victims of domestic violence, their children and other people who live with them.

It is a programme from the Official Psychology Association of Galicia, which was created in 2004 and works under the framework of an agreement signed with the Vice President of  the Ministry of Presidency, Public Administrations and Justice through the General Secretariat for Equality.

It consists of a network of 103 authorised and specialised psychologists who provide coverage throughout the autonomous community.

The access is for free, which ensures that the service is fast, available, private and coordinated with absolutely all the specialised agents.

Some of the objectives of the programme are:

  • Offering therapeutic resources to develop means of recovery for women who are victims of gender violence, minors and other people who live with them.
  • Facilitating their recovery process as well as the integration of their experience so as to enable them to take decisions more freely.
  • Providing immediate access to a public specialised resource and contributing to a coordinate assistance with other devises and social agents who intervene.
  • Intervening in murders due to domestic violence in cases of activation of the protocol issued jointly by the Intervention Group for Disasters and Emergencies of the Official Psychology Association of Galicia and the Programme of Psychological Support Programme for Women who Suffer Gender Violence.
  • Contributing to raise social awareness and create equal knowledge about the causes and consequences of violence.

Ten sessions of individual psychological assistance for women and five sessions for each of their children and people who are dependent of them are planned. The number of sessions could be increased following the authorisation of the General Secretariat for Equality. This would ensure psychological assistance in 24 to 48 hours from the time when it is requested.