O Celme do Caracol

Rúa da Raíña, 18 / Tel.: 981 571 746
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O Celme do Caracol is a restaurant located in the middle of Compostela’s historical centre, in the famous street rúa da Raíña, which has just celebrated its 10th anniversary in Santiago. The establishment, directed by Germán González, stands out for its commitment with equality. In fact, 75% of permanent staff members are women and also temporary staff that is recruited for the seasonal workforce is usually comprised by women. The restaurant cooperated with the initiative “Compostela en Negro” promoted last November by Santiago’s City Government in order to denounce violence against women.

Friendship, affection and trust take time just like the tastiest dishes. A quarter century was enough to conquer the most demanding palates, to fill people’s hearts with the most deep-rooted smells and to set happiness closer to the most confused minds. The “Esclavita formula” lasts for years. This formula is inspired by tradition and autochthonous culture and it first and foremost shows pure and honest empathy. All this goes together with a delicate and modern presentation dressed with the best products from land and sea and with a recipe book which Germán and Esclavita carefully and passionately protected since they started cooking love and serving affection. O Celme do Caracol embraces and maintains these principles with a new project. A new journey in which the advertisement of Galician products will be one of its premises and the immersion of the guests into each of Galicia’s seasons will be a real challenge. O Celme’s aim is to gift the country’s great spirit and to provide unforgettable experiences and, most of all, to share love through cooking.