Hostel O Xardín de Xulia

Virxe da Cerca, 20 / Tel.: 981 558 542
  • O Xardín de Julia

O Xardín de Julia has a special location to take advantage of all what Compostela offers, as for example the Praza de Abastos, one of the reference places where you can have the best tapas and dishes of the city in restaurants like Café de Altamira or O Curro da Parra.

On the ground floor of the hotel we have a meeting room where you can spend your time chatting and making plans with whom you are travelling with, with whom you meet in the backyard or where you can just sit down, read and relax in a different space than your room. Our last hallmark is a green space where you can switch off and travel to another time.

In O Xardín de Xulia we believe that thinking on the city from the equitable and integrating perspective that Women’s Terrain offers us is an opportunity to identify the necessities and concerns of the women who visit Compostela.