Hostel Libredón

Praza de Fonseca, 5. 15705 / Tel.: 981576520

Our establishment is located on Praza da Fonseca, one of the most beautiful and symbolic squares of the city which is bounded by the Rúa da Raíña and the Pazo de Fonseca’s impressing facade.

We are located close to Praza do Obradoiro square and to all the interesting places in town from a cultural, touristic and leisure standpoint. Most of our rooms have views to the Cathedral, rúa do Franco and Praza de Fonseca.

The reception hall is a meeting point for people who stay with us. Here they can share their experiences while enjoying dried fruit, biscuits and different infusions on the house.

In Hostel Libredón we support the project Compostela, Women’s terrain, which is pioneer in identifying the practical and strategic needs of our city’s women.