Gender Equality Office of the USC

Casa da Balconada. Rúa Nova, 6 / Tel.: 881 811 310 - 881 811 309

USC’s social commitment with the principle of gender equality led it to be one of the pioneers in the creation of the Gender Equality Office (OIX) in 2006.

The USC has a II Strategic Plan for Equal Opportunities between men and women (approved by the Governing Council of the 16th of December 2013), which will be in force for 5 years.

The operation areas of the Plan are the following:

1.USC policies: activities which promote awareness raising and institutional commitment with gender equality and mainstreaming

2. Training, teaching and research: inclusion of gender perspective in teaching and research.

3. Existence, promotion and representation: promotion of equal opportunities in the career development of the USC’s staff and a balanced presence and involvement of men and women in the degrees and governance bodies.

4. Conciliation and shared responsibility: encouraging shared responsibility and claiming the right of conciliation

5. Harassment and sexist attitudes: creating a protocol on prevention and intervention, training and awareness rising against gender violence.

6. Social and healthcare conditions at work: introducing gender perspective in the prevention of occupational risks.