Central Office for Tourist Information of Santiago

Rúa do Vilar, 63 / Tel.: 981 555 129
  • Oficina de turismo

The Tourism Information Office provides people who visit Santiago with information about Compostela’s attractions and the different cultural and leisure activities that they can enjoy in the city. The staff, which consists mostly of women, provides also special information about the options that tourists, pilgrims and visitors can find in the city, as the activities which take place at any time within the municipal programme Compostela, Women’s Terrain. Besides, it is also possible to purchase the Feminist Map of Compostela, which highlights the most relevant places in the historical narrative of Santiago’s women.

Finally, the office works as a place for intermediation with the competent administrations for the complaints that people who visit the city and women who are treated in an especially discriminatory manner might have. The tourism information service is completed with a Tourism Information Desk located in the arrivals area of Santiago’s Airport. The Central Information Office opens throughout the year and the Tourism Information Desk from May to October.