Café de Altamira

Rua das Ameas 9, 15704 / Tel.: 981558542
  • Café de Altamira

Café de Altamira is the perfect place to enjoy the best flavours and the best atmosphere at every moment of the day: delicious breakfasts to get the day off to a good start, snacks when you feel like having something, tasty lunches and succulent dinners in a place which also invites you to enjoy a good drink in the evening. Life runs at the rhythm of the market and the people walk through the cobbled streets of the centre of Compostela. The establishment is located in a privileged part of the Plaza de Abastos, where the gardens of the Count of Altamira were in the past. Nowadays, this café is placed inside the building of the hotel which was named after the former Pazo de Altamira.

Café de Altamira is directed by a young kitchen team with a solid background which enjoys combining different influences with the best of the Galician cuisine. The result is tasty dishes with a very unique personality which are bursting with the Galician tradition, quality and distinct personality, as the Sargadelos crockery in which they are served. Café de Altamira adds also a touch of innovation and experimentation to its dishes in order to update their flavours. It is the perfect place to celebrate the most special moments in good company.