Armela. Research network on social equality, rights and welfare state.

Campus Vida s/n. Facultad de Derecho, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
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Armela is a network of researchers on social studies (law, politics, economics) who come from different universities, institutions and social organisations. This connected and multidisciplinary configuration allows Armela to have a great variety of perspectives which are essential to analyse the complex social and political transformations within the context of the current economic crisis. Social rights, public welfare and equality policies and public services are its main work sectors, although there are also further areas of specialisation of the team members which are related to gender, environment, language, intervention procedure in matters of economy and education.

Here are some of the essential subjects that Armela addresses:

  • Ways of managing public services and their privatisation processes.
  • Constitutional limits of social rights.
  • Public gender policies.
  • Changes in the extension of the scope of rights and their configuration
  • Improvement of local administrations and reorganisation of social services.