Women’s bookshop Lila de Lilith

Women’s bookshop Lila de Lilith

It is a feminist bookshop which offers bibliography of female authors in narrative, poetry, children’s and teen’s literature, comic and essay in topics related to gender perspective: economic, sexuality... [+]
Woman Emprende - Territorio das Mulleres

Woman Emprende

Woman Emprende is a programme of the University of Santiago de Compostela which offers entrepreneurial women tools and advice in order to help them to start business activity. [+]
jornada formativa

Support programme against gender violence

Programme for specialised psychological assistance to help women who are victims of domestic violence, their children and other people who live with them. Public resources. [+]
Sculptural complex for Rosalía de Castro

Sculptural complex for Rosalía de Castro

The figure of Rosalía de Castro is repeatedly linked to Santiago during her entire life in several areas (familiar, artistic, literary, intellectual, etc.) and also after her death. [+]
Ruth Anderson y el Hotel Suizo

Ruth Matilda Anderson in Hotel Suizo

Ruth Matilda Anderson’s mark in Compostela is almost invisible, but not her documentary and ethnographic work about the reality of women in Galician towns and villages in the 1920’s. [+]

Programme Vagalume

It is a programme created by Cáritas Diocesana in Santiago de Compostela which provides comprehensive assistance to women who live in prostitution contexts and/or are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. [+]
plaza 8M

Praza 8 de marzo

This square is a meeting point for events organised by the feminist movement of the city and it is where the calls for the right to abortion or the calls made every time that an attack or a male chauvinist murder happen in Galicia. [+]

O Curro da Parra

O Curro da Parra represents the fresh and original flavour of the creative Galician cuisine. It is located in the heart of the historical centre of the city and it allows enjoying all the freshness of Galician products. [+]
concerto no Celme do Caracol

O Celme do Caracol

O Celme do Caracol offers a complete menu with tapas and dishes prepared with best quality local products at affordable prices. The dishes are prepared with love and by using the “Esclavita formula”. [+]

NH Collection Santiago de Compostela

First known as NH Obradoiro, this hotel is placed in one of the quietest areas of the city, only a few minutes from the old town and the cathedral. [+]
Rosalía de Castro por María Cardarelly

María Cardarelly, the first studio photographer in Galicia

María Cecilia Cardarelly Bousquet was the daughter of French dyers who had arrived to Santiago de Compostela in 1854. She worked as a photographer in the city, being the first women with this profession in Galicia until then. [+]

Lusco & Fusco Bakery Café

A very charming coffee shop where you can find high quality American-style handmade pastries prepared with fresh and natural ingredients and lots of love. [+]

La Flor

A unique coffee shop which has been steadily open since 1943. Coffees, quiet breakfasts, lunches in good company, thematic afternoon snacks with your friends… in a very personal space and with a very friendly treatment. [+]
Information Office for women of Santiago’s local government

Information Office for women of Santiago’s local government

Permanent comprehensive service which is meant to provide consultancy, assistance, guidance and information to women both individually or collectively. [+]

Hotel San Miguel

A small and very charming hotel with a modern design located in the historical centre of Compostela. The personalised treatment and the assistance in detail are our way of understanding catering.   [+]

Hotel Rúa Villar

A charming hotel placed in what was an old stately home of the XVIII century in the heart of Compostela. It is a magical place only a few metres away from the Cathedral. [+]
Hotel Real

Hotel Real

Hotel Real is located in the middle of Caldereiría Street and it opens its doors to a world of sensations and experiences where the roofs of Compostela have a key role. [+]
hotel altamira

Hotel Pazo de Altamira

In Pazo de Altamira you will feel the pulse of the city inside a charming hotel with a functional and contemporary style which is placed in an old refurbished manor house in the centre of Santiago.   [+]

Hotel Costa Vella

A charming “Terrace Hotel” located next to the old medieval fence that closed Santiago’s historical centre. Its popular terrace creates an urban oasis with great views.   [+]

Hotel Carrís Casa de la Troya

A boutique hotel with its own charm which you can find right in the middle of the historical centre. Its building is part of the original “Casa da Troia” which was completely refurbished. [+]
foto hotel altair

Hotel Altaïr

A small boutique-style hotel with eleven high comfort rooms built inside an old refurbished mansion. It is located in a quiet neighbourhood with the local atmosphere of the historical centre. [+]
O Xardín de Julia

Hostel O Xardín de Xulia

A perfect option for female travellers who are looking for a comfortable and functional accommodation to immerse themselves into Santiago’s heart from the first moment.  [+]
Hostel Mapoula

Hostel Mapoula

A charming accommodation placed in the heart of Compostela where the familiar service and the closeness to the customers are the key pillar of this establishment. [+]
Hotel Mafer

Hostel Mafer B&B

This establishment is placed in the centre of Compostela with views to Praza de Galicia square. Five years ago, Carmen and Rita put all their illusion in it.  [+]

Hostel Libredón

It is a cosy hostel in the centre of the historical town. It is located only a few metres away from many special and charming places. [+]

Gender Equality Office of the USC

The Gender Equality Office is the unit which is responsible for dynamising the equality policies through the coordination of the execution of the Strategic Plan of Equality of the USC (University of Santiago de Compostela). [+]
fogar natural

Fogar Natural, Tourist apartments

Fogar Natural is a different kind of accommodation which is created and managed from a common sense of respect to the environment. [+]
Fiadeiras Work Group - Women's Terrain

Fiadeiras Work Group

The Ceesg (Galician Social Educators Association) working group for equality was created in 2011 mainly in order to include gender perspective and feminism as vehicles of socio-educational practice and to promote equality. [+]
Equality Commission. Council of Galician Culture

Equality Commission. Council of Galician Culture

A cross-disciplinary commission of the Council of Galician Culture which is intended for consultancy, research, reporting and disclosure of issues related to women in Galicia. [+]
Edith Wharton: Woman, Writer and Pilgrim

Edith Wharton: Woman, Writer and Pilgrim

Edith Wharton, one of the most famous writers of the early 20th century, winner of the Pulitzer award in 1921 for her novel A idade da Inocencia which was released on the big screen in 1993 by Martin Scorsese and she was also the first woman to be acclaimed as Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Yale –among other important merits. She travelled to Compostela twice in the 1920’s walking the Way of St. James. [+]
Oficina de turismo

Central Office for Tourist Information of Santiago

The Central Office for Tourism Information of Santiago is the main tourist information point about Santiago de Compostela. [+]

Camiños da auga, Lavadoiros

A walk along Compostela’s lavoirs, workplaces and meeting points of women. The walk, guided by Encarna Otero, passes by eight of Compostela’s main lavoirs. [+]

Camiños da auga, Fontes

A walk along Compostela’s fountains which is organised by Encarna Otero and which represents the women who collected water and carried it in buckets to their homes at the beginning of the last century. This was one of women’s main tasks at that time.   [+]

Cambalache Santiago

In the centre of Compostela’s Ensanche we can find an Italian style restaurant which is perfectly fused with the Argentinean and Spanish culture. This place is committed to equality and women’s recognition.   [+]
terraza literarios

Café Literarios

Located in an enclave which is unique in the world, Café Literarios is a must for tourists and pilgrims. [+]
Café Garden Costa Vella

Café Garden Costa Vella

An oasis in the centre of Compostela, especially for the most important moments. [+]
Café de Altamira

Café de Altamira

A restaurant where you can try the best of Galicia’s latest gastronomy and culture. [+]
as marias

As dúas Marías

Maruxa (1898-1980) and Coralia (1914-1983), “the two o’clock”, “the two Marys”, the spotlight, colour and happiness in the grey and sad Compostela during the Francoism. Their symbolic sculpture is one of the most visited in the city, by tourists as well as by locals.   [+]
Armela network

Armela. Research network on social equality, rights and welfare state.

Armela’s aim is to develop jointly and from an interdisciplinary perspective a line of research and analysis related to social rights, equality and welfare state. [+]
terrace palacio del carmen

AC Palacio del Carmen, Autgraph Collection

It was a former convent which was turned into a five stars hotel where you can enjoy a time to remember, with fantastic views to the cathedral. A unique place with its own personality. [+]
Obradoiro Abramos o círculo

Abramos o círculo programme

A programme of the Official Psychology Association of Galicia which aims is to give specialised psychological assistance to men who adopt inappropriate behaviours. [+]

A Medusa

A Medusa Pub is located in the old town of Compostela. It is a space where you can enjoy fruit juice and cocktail specialities or small and delicious bites. [+]

A Curtidoría

Enjoying an unforgettable evening in one of the most beautiful nooks of the old town. [+]
interior cuchara do villar

A Cuchara do Villar

A charming restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional Galician cuisine with a contemporary touch and the best products. [+]