The hotel and catering sector in Santiago de Compostela: affiliation, training and working conditions.

October 6, 2015
by: Quadernas consultancy

The hotel and catering industry has a specific relevance of 8.1% in the economy of Compostela. Furthermore, it is a sector which provides employment especially to women, which represent 65% of the database used to develop the study.

The analysis was made through a phone survey to men and women who currently work in the sector or who appear as employment seekers in this sector in Santiago de Compostela. The data show the situation of aspects related to training, the working experience and the working conditions.

The study shows some gender gaps, the most important ones related to working conditions of workers. So, only a 1.1% of men have currently a job related to cleaning, but 9.2% o women. In hiring there are also relevant differences since 25.9% of men confirm to have currently an indefinite contract, but only 16.4% of women who are also more frequent in apprenticeship contracts, 10.1% against 3.1%.

If we put our attention to the data related to the most frequent types of contract throughout a working life 23.7% of men answer indefinite against 15% of women and 57.6% mark temporary against 63.3% of women. Contracts which last less than a year are more frequent among women. Women are also more likely to have part time jobs or to charge by the hour.

One of the most important gaps that the study shows is the salary gap. In the lowest section of up to 650€ we find 29.9% of men and 42.1% of women; in an intermediate-high section from 901 to 1200€ there are 30.4% of men and 22.3% of women and in the highest section over 1200€ 8% of men and 4% of women admit to belong.