The gender perspective is essential for the development of the city. Thinking of transport, public spaces, the use of hotels and establishments considering the practical and strategic needs of women is beneficial for the entire population.


How to be a member of Women’s Terrain?

If you have a hotel, a restaurant, a bar or a shop that you consider should be in this map:

1. Read this document about Good Practice

2. If you agree, fill in this form, which can be accessed in each button of the navigation bar (hotel, restaurant…)

3. We will contact you to sign the commitment to cooperation


If you want to present other information as services, institutions or outstanding women that you consider should be part of the map, send us the information here.



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Xohana Torres

Xohana Torres Award

From the 1992 to 2011 the Local government of Santiago de Compostela convened every year the Xohana Torres award, an annual call which helped to reward many investigation works and essays (humanistic, social, scientific) about the history and the role of women in Galicia.

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In Black Against Violence Campaign

The aim of the awareness campaign “In Black Against Violence” is to promote and make the rejection of the citizens towards male violence visible. It was developed on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, on 25th November.

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Alfombriña Linguaxe Inclusiva

Guide to inclusive language

The Department of Equality and the Information Office for Women of Santiago developed a guide to inclusive language for the use in public administration.

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